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Pet high transparent double-sided adhesive - copy

High transparent double-sided tape, super transparent double-sided tape, 3D double-sided tape, pet double-sided tape, glass double-sided tape, fully transparent double-sided tape

Material: pet

Thickness: 0.10mm

Gloss: fully transparent

Specification: 0.31/0.61/0.914/1.27m*50m A3, A4

Product characteristics: 3D double-sided adhesive uses double-sided pet transparent release film, with high transparency pet in the middle. Glue uses imported chemical raw materials, advanced production technology, high transparency, strong viscosity, without any defects and bubbles; This product is as transparent as glass. Transparent double-sided tape is easy to line and side, and has re stripping property. It has high tensile strength, high stripping force and adhesion holding force, long-lasting adhesion, water resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. It is used in various production processes of digital products, electronic parts, protection and fixation, double-sided label fixation, stereo painting production, large glass painting production, acrylic light box advertising production, various special image painting production, etc. It can be pasted repeatedly without residual glue.

Scope of use: suitable for making 3D raster studio photos; High grade medal production; Postcard card; Transparent decorative stickers; Furniture stickers; Glass stickers; Paste the advertising light box. Studio album composite; Computer stickers; Large head stickers, sliding door fitting, digital post production, character advertisements, commodity windows, signboards, glass decorative paintings, 3D gratings, light boxes and other materials. Transparent printing film, transparent film, transparent film, full transparent film, printing materials, materials, high transparent double-sided tape, ultra transparent double-sided tape, spray painting materials, studio post materials, handicraft materials






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