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Broken glass double-sided tape

Material: pet

Thickness: 0.10mm

Gloss: fully transparent

Specification: 0.31/0.61/0.914/1.27m*50m A3, A4

Product characteristics: 3D double-sided adhesive uses double-sided pet transparent release film, with high transparency pet in the middle. Glue uses imported chemical raw materials, advanced production technology, high transparency, strong viscosity, without any defects and bubbles; This product is as transparent as glass. Transparent double-sided tape is easy to line and side, and has re stripping property. It has high tensile strength, high stripping force and adhesion holding force, long-lasting adhesion, water resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. It is used in various production processes of digital products, electronic parts, protection and fixation, double-sided label fixation, stereo painting production, large glass painting production, acrylic light box advertising production, various special image painting production, etc. It can be pasted repeatedly without residual glue

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