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About us

Shanghai Canxing composite material Co., Ltd. mainly produces advertising spray painting photo materials and decorative materials Is a research and development, production, sales in one of the production of advertising inkjet photo materials and decorative materials company. At present, the company has a full set of large-scale dye production equipment, and continues to introduce technology and processes. With high-end materials as the target market, the company continues to develop new products, improve the product library, innovate the market, and bring more novel and refined products to friends from all walks of life.

Adhering to many years of professional production experience, Canxing materials has continuously introduced, absorbed and developed production technology, and has a variety of production processes. According to the market demand, with the design concept of human nature and loyal to the needs of customers, the development products have four categories: first, spray painting canvas (chemical fiber canvas, pure cotton canvas, polyester cotton canvas, gummed canvas, etc.); 2、 Plate making films (transparency film, film film, waterproof film, process medal film, inkjet plate making film); 3、 Photo materials of gold and silver foil film (optical gold film, optical silver film, sand gold film, sand silver film, silk gold film, silk silver film, sub gold film, sub silver film, colorful photo paper) IV: Photo materials such as all kinds of double-sided adhesive single-sided adhesive cold mounting film (PET high transparency double-sided adhesive, pet crystal film, laser film, laser double-sided adhesive, broken glass, light column and other laser adhesive). At the same time, new products will be launched continuously to meet the changing and developing high-end needs of the market.

Shanghai Canxing composite material Co., Ltd. adheres to the purpose of "integrity, cooperation, development and win-win", implements the business philosophy of "innovation as the route, market-oriented and service-oriented", adheres to the business policy of "quality first, customer first", constantly pursues excellence, and strives to extend products and dreams to all parts of the world by virtue of high-quality technology and quality, making it the confidence choice of our friends.



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